Top Games releasing in January - Pokemon Legends Arceus, Rainbow Six Extraction, God of war PC and more

Welcome back everyone, Hope you're well rested and ready for a big year of games in 2022.

We're starting out the new year with a video covering all our highlights for January, which you can watch right now back at the top of this article!

While 2022 is set to be a crazy year for games already you've got a little bit more time left before it starts to get hectic, as January is quite a slow month for major releases. That being said, you've still got games like Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Rainbow Six Extraction standing out as massive exceptions.

There's also a few re-releases this month with Monster Hunter Rise and God of War coming to PC. So if you missed out on those because they were exclusives, now's the time to jump into these great games.

I'm not kidding when I say we've got some bangers on the horizon. You can check out our full list for January and beyond on our video game release date page to get an idea of what's in the pipeline.

We'd love to know what games you're looking forward to. Please let us know in the comments section below if you're planning on trying out any of these video games out this month.